Top Tips For Freelancers Working With International Clients

With the growth of the internet, the need to commute to work has been significantly reduced. This is evidenced by the fact that the number of people working from home has increased substantially in recent years. In the UK, statistics show that there has been a 31% growth in the number of people working as freelancers. Here are some essential tips for freelancers working oversees.

Consider the Time Zones

It is worth noting that time zones do matter as far as working as a freelancer is concerned. They could influence your ability to meet deadlines, and at times, your availability for meetings. However, time zones should not stand between you and your quest for earning a living. Communication is key to overcoming the bottlenecks associated with working with clients in different time zones.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Geographical restrictions are quite common online. Some companies or websites do not hire employees from certain countries. Interested freelancers from barred locations, thus, are forced to use virtual private network software. With, you can efficiently work from anywhere by masking the IP address of your computers. This feature is also important for freelancers who wish to work while away from their non-native country.


When it comes to payments, you might find yourself having to work with a different currency, which should then be subjected to a conversion rate. It is a known fact that freelancers working oversees tend to lose quite a significant amount of the earnings through transfer fees. This challenge, however, can be avoided by working with a reliable digital money transfer company.

Paying Taxes

As a freelancer, you should accept the fact that you have to pay your taxes. Income earned from freelancing is subjected to income tax. It is, therefore, up to you to understand or identify your taxable income. The best way to understand your tax obligations is by seeking expert help from a tax accountant.