Common Job Searching Mistakes

The number of people in the job market looking for a job is enormous. With tertiary institutions pumping in hyper-qualified individuals to the job market, the limited job opportunities could mean that getting your dream job can take a bit longer. To improve your chances of landing your dream job, here are some job-hunting mistakes that you should avoid.

Lack of Focus

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons people stay in the job market much longer than they expected is because of the lack of focus in their resume. For instance, you might be a good plant operator, but that experience is not the best to a job as a help desk. Thus, you need to have a custom CV for different jobs.

Typos in Your Resume

Typos in your CV are a real turnoff to a potential employer. Proofreading your writing can be difficult, considering that your brain knows what you intended to write. This often means that it becomes a lot easier to skip blatant errors. Even it means having a friend proofread your resume, make sure that aren’t any typos on your resume.

Not Doing Your Homework

When you finally get an interview, you need to do some research about the company beforehand. Most potential employees fail to do some research about the company, which often communicates a lack of interest or seriousness. At least, make an effort of going through the “about us” page to get a better understanding of the company’s mission and values.

Limiting Your Applications for Job Postings

Some employees tend to restrict their job applications to job postings. As much as there is nothing wrong with doing this, it tends to limit their opportunities as far as landing their dream job is concerned. Instead of limiting your search to a couple of openings, make a list of companies that you would want to work for and make enquiries about upcoming opportunities.