Industrial Careers to Pursue in 2019

Undoubtedly in today’s digital world, it is easy to assume that the best way to get a decent living is to work in the tech industry. This is certainly not the case though; there are many openings in the manufacturing for the taking. Listed below are some of the most rewarding jobs to consider if you are pursuing a career in the manufacturing sector.

Industrial Engineer

A career as a manufacturing engineer is one of the best jobs you can pursue. To work as an industrial engineer, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. Other specialisations such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering might qualify you for a role as an industrial engineer. Industrial engineers enjoy a decent package, plus the fact that this industry enjoys a consistent growth rate are enough reasons to consider finding a job in this field.

Construction Equipment Operator

Equipment operators, as their name suggests, are responsible for operating machinery used in construction sites. Also known as plant operators, these professionals deal with a variety of equipment ranging from bulldozers, cranes, and earthmovers. Getting into this industry requires you to learn the requisite skills through either vocational training or apprenticeship. But most importantly, you should be okay with the fact that you have to work in dirty environments and embrace irregular schedules.

Elevator Technician

The responsibilities of an elevator technician often range from installing to repairing elevators. With some experience, you might also be required to work on escalators, moving walkways, and various types of lifts. The good thing about this career is that you do not need a college degree to earn a high wage; you only need a practising licence. One of the main attractions for a career as an elevation technician is the prospects offered by this job.